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Why Our wall fittings are The Best

Colin As been installing Cat Flaps and Dog Doors in Walls for over 12 years! When installing into walls he uses UPVC boxing or plyboard tunnel, dependent on if it’s for a cat or dog. The benefit of this is more area for the cat or dog to easily exit the tunnel

 The three main reason he rarely uses manufacturers tunnel extensions are:

  1. Your cat is less likely to use it, due to crawling rather than walking through. As they feel more vulnerable , when exiting the cat flap.
  2. Most wall thicknesses measure between 28cm and 42cm. Most tunnel extensions measure about 5cm and costing between six and fifteen pounds each just for a purpose built bit of plastic.
  3. Many times he’s been asked to fix an existing cat flap fitted into a wall, because the tunnel extensions came apart, stopping your cat from using it. 

He never fixes the the pet door to the wall, he always uses threaded bar. Two or four dependent on size and style of the pet door. The are two reasons for this:

  1. The cat flap will never come off the wall due to the fixing been to close to the edge of the hole.
  2. If you need to replace a broken cat flap or upgrade to a electronic one. You take the front cover off and undo the bolts

P.S. If we fit a cat flap anywhere for you and it was not microchip reading, we offer a free upgrade fitting. You just pay the difference in the cat flap

2 white cats sitting on a sofa